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Tree planting in Andalamengoke, Zombitse 2022

Aktualisiert: 9. März 2022

AJPER group left Fianarantsoa on Saturday 29 January 2022, to join Andalamengoke where we used to have our annual tree planting.

We stayed there on 30, 31 January, 01 February and get back to Fianarantsoa on 2 February 2022.

We were 24 members this time to do the tree planting and most of them are new members are AJPER.

As the land belongs to Madagascar National Park Zombitse, we only planted native trees such as: Andramena, Tombobitsy, Voamboana, Daro, Baobab and Mendoravy. This time we planted more than 3 200 trees.

The company OmniVerdi led by Maki and the Forest Office of Sakaraha supplied us with the seedlings this year. We watered every planthole before planting the seedlings because the soil was dry.

The women association from Andalamengoke called VAM and somemen as well helped us during this tree planting.

To avoid the risk of fire, Yvette from the Ecolodge hired local people to clean up the shrubs and grass few weeks before our arrival. This ground cleaning will continue periodically as the grass is growing fast.

We also showed to the women association VAM how to make the basic 2 stoves. We brought molds from Fianarantsoa and bought cements for the demonstration. Further training is needed so that those women will be able to make basic 2 themselves locally.

Thank you for all that participated directly and indirectly to this tree planting. We hope that this time those trees will grow and safe from fire.

Facebook link for the video:

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