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Who we are

The board of AJPER

Romain Rabearisoa
Andre Randrianirina
Safidiharizo Andriambeloniaina Pascault

Romain Rabearisoa
Founder of AJPER


Safidiharizo Amdriambeloniana
leader of the green energy pellets project

Lina Zacher
tojo michel.jpg
Xavier Randriamiadanana

Lina Zacher
Video and Media

Xavier Randriamiadana
leader of the educational program

Tojo Michel Andrinirainy
Founder of AJPER

AJPER is a youth association for the Promotion of Renewable Energy and for the conservation of biodiversity. With our projects we try to create real solutions against the serious threat of deforestation and global warming. Our goal is to protect the environment and to preserve the rich and unique biodiversity in our country. 

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What we do

To help protect the environment of Madagascar, it’s unique biodiversity and to fight against the global problem of the accelerating climate change, AJPER has developed an

AJPER education.png

educational program to inform about ways to protect our nature through the introduction of new agricultural methods and the reforestation of bare land

learn more about our

educational program

ajper cooker.png

economic stove

which decreases the charcoal needed for daily cooking and minimizes the deforestation for charcoal production

learn more about our

economic stove

boibriquette gruen.png

green energy pellets 

a burnable material pressed out of gras as an alternative and more sustainable resource to finally replace the environmental harmful charcoal

learn more about our

our green energy pellets









How you can help

Only together we can tackle the global threat of the accelerating climate change through deforestation in Madagascar and all over the world!


Are you an engineer, educator or environmentalist and want to volunteer in our team?

Do you want to support us financially?

Or you just want to share our projects with your friends?

Why we do what we do?

As in many other parts of the world, Madagascar experiences a massive decrease of its forest. Over 90% of primary forest has been destroyed through illegal logging, mining - but most significant through bushfires and the slash and burn practice for agriculture and charcoal production.


Deforestaion in Madgascar and all over the world is followed by serious problems! The destruction of the forest is followed by erosion and land slides, water loss and decrease of quality, the decline of biodiversity and extinction of endemic species as well as the increase of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere and the acceleration of global warming.

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