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Who we are and where we come from

AJPER is a youth association for the promotion of renewable energy and for the conservation of biodiversity. We want to raise the awareness about the protection of the environment and the preservation of the rich and unique biodiversity in our country. With our projects we try to create real solutions against the serious threat of global warming and the deforestation through fire practices to protect the environment and to preserve the rich and unique biodiversity in our country. 

AJPER was founded by the collaboration between the German Hans Joachim Grieb and the young student TOJO Michel in 2013. Mr Romain RABEARISOA and Bernd Blasche as well as the young students interested in the protection of the environment belonged to the founders of AJPER and together formed the core of the association.

Today AJPER has around thirty members under the supervision of Mr Romain RABEARISOA and the management of André RANDRIANIRINA.

To help protect the environment of Madagascar, it’s unique biodiversity and to fight against the global problem of the accelerating climate change, AJPER has developed an:


1. Educational program for young people in especially endangered regions of Madagascar, such as the south-west, where children get sensitized and informed about ways to protect our nature through the introduction of new agricultural methods and the reforestation of bare land.

2. Our second project aims to improve the effectivity of malagasy cookers to decrease the amount of charcoal needed.

Therefore we have designed different models of household cookers which will soon go into production to be sold for an affordable price to people all over Madagascar. 


3. On top of that, we work on a product to finally replace the environmental harmful charcoal for everyday cooking with an alternative and more sustainable resource.

We have established a research lab to create new forms of burnable material - we call it green energy pellets or biobriquette - a kind of pellet which is made an resource being almost unlimited gras from Madagascar’s savanna.

Through many cycles of testing we have found the right composition of a special kind of gras and maniok extract as adhesive component.

The gras is first shredded, mixed with a certain amount of maniok-extract and then pressed into small pellet forms.

The result is a highly effective cooker which uses the special made „biobriquettes“ as burning material, which is both renewable and doesn’t effect the environment in any harmful way.

With improved production equipment we will soon be able to deliver this totally new kind of solid fuel to the malagasy people.

We from AJPER want to find new sustainable ways to fight the decline of our precious forest and to contribute to our global effort to stop the climate change at the most possible extend!


If the deforestation rate remains at the current level, all of Madagascar’s forests will be lost within 40 years.

Let’s act together!


Why we do what we do...



My wish is a Madagascar with clean air, pure water and green forests. I am very certain that we can make a difference if we bundle our different abilities and  go in the same direction.



I came to AJPER to contribute something against the deforestation in Madagascar. I think that we can only achieve something if we unite our strength and act together.



I am very much interested in renewable energies. I think that this will be the solution to a better and greener future.



As young citizens conserving the malagasy forest by using an economic stove and green energy pellets is extremely important because it is a sustainable solution to protect the environment and a small step towards the global effort to stop the climate change.


Jean Noel

Protecting our environment should be the humankind's first priority, always. Especially now that we are experiencing a n alarming climate crisis.



I always wanted to help Madagascar. With AJPER I have now found a way to do so! We invite everybody to join us!



For me the most important thing is to make sure that our future generation will be left with a planet which is worth living on! We have to take responsibility and do the best we can to prevent the climate change.



I am very concerned about the current situation in Madagascar. Our forest is fading and the temperature is raising every year. We have to do something now!



Madagascar is a beautiful country with a totally unique biodiversity! But our country is at stake! We will lose everything if we don't come together to act against  deforestation, especially through charcoal production in Madagascar.

IMG_0144b Kopie.png


To protect our nature is not only a fun thing to do but it is also our duty, our responsibility to do so! I have joined AJPER because they have a great program which have a direct impact on the people and the nature!



I am worried about our future! With my voluntary work at AJPER I try to contribute something to tackle the problem of the accelerating climate change.



I am sure that we will achieve a meaningful change if we continue to invest our entire energy and motivation to educate the people and to develop and distribute alternative cooking solutions to the Malagasy population.  

together we can achieve more

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