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economic stove

Reducing the CO2 emissions for everyday cooking

The economic stove

Usually for 1 kg of charcoal at least 5 kg of wood is needed, the high heat destroys the material faster and the flue gases are carbon monoxide (CO) -containing. This means: more consumption, additional costs and weight uses more heat-resistant materials and high damage to the associates.

Our developed stove tries to compensate for these disadvantages of charcoal on its design and at the same time to use the aforementioned benefits of charcoal: instead of heavy clay as a building material sheets made of stainless steel are used. These are relatively inexpensive in mass production.

The flue gases are burned in the upper part of the combustion chamber. This turns toxic carbon monoxide (CO) into carbon dioxide (CO2)

At AJPER, we design and develop three types of stoves:

- Fire wood stove for the households in the country side to reduce the amount of fire wood used.

 - Charcoal saving stove for the households in the town or city.

- Special stove for the bio briquette that we will produce to achieve our long term goal

Economic Stove

the development of our economic stove

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