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Julian Spratte from Biopellet in Fianarantsoa, Madagascar

Aktualisiert: 13. Dez. 2022

Finally, Julian made it to Madagascar and to Fianarantsoa.

After few years of cooperation, Julian Spratte, ... just call him Julian is visiting Madagascar. The main purposes of his trip are for the biopellet project, but also for the cooperation with the University of Fianarantsoa and HS Düsseldorf.

He is not alone, but accompanied by four other helping hands Leon, Alex, Mo and Felix.

AJPER association, hosted them at the workshop during their stay in Fianarantsoa where we plan activities, work, have lunch together, have fun sometimes.

Saturday 19th November 2022: First visit at AJPER

Julian and his team met with AJPER team at the workshop late in the afternoon of Saturday.

After a turn of self introduction, we had a tour at the workshop to show them our stoves, tools and equipment.

Sunday 20th November 2022: AJPER members planned a guided tour for sight seeing

To get to know to each other, but also to show them Fianarantsoa city, we walked to the old city, then walked up to join the view point of Kianjasoa.

The group had lunch together and had fun at afterward and went to the stadium of Fianarantsoa to watch local football match.

Monday 21th November 2022: Courtesy visit to the President and the board Members of the University of Fianarantsoa

From the left: Pr Romain, Pr Rasamoela, the President, Julian, Dr Jean Claude ( the vice), André and Leo

Pr Romain, Julian, André and Leo went to the University to meet the President and the board members of the University of Fianarantsoa. The purpose of the visit was to reactivate the cooperation between both University of Fianarantsoa and the HS Düsseldorf. Let's leave the contents for both parties but AJPER hopes that this cooperation will help Madagascar develop renewable energy to save the remaining forests of Madagascar.

In November 2018, the three responsible from Hochschule Düsseldorf , Mr Fabian Ille, Mrs Monika Katz, Mr Johannes Goebel was in Madagascar to start the cooperation with the University.

Old photo from their visit in Madagascar

While we were there, the remaining of Malagasy and German team worked on the foundation of the platform for the cafeteria outside the workshop.

Tuesday 22th November 2022:

Tuesday was a planning day. The remaining of the team continued working on the platform.

Wednesday 23rd November 2022:

  • Breakfast at Mr Romain's house

  • Football game AJPER and German team against local club

  • Meeting with the Regional Director of Energy Ministry with Tojo

Watched Germany vs Japan football match at "a café"

Thurday 24rd November 2022: Trip to Ranomafana to visit the national Park

The team left earlier to join Ranomafana national park with a taxibrousse. They visited the park and then went down to Ranomafana town for lunch and swimming at the hot spring pool.

Thurday 25rd November 2022: Meet the Director of ISTE then Trip to Andalamengoke

The Environment Institute or ISTE plan to open the bachelor degree in renewable energy. Dr Njara, specialist in renewable energy, presented the draft curriculum to the rest of the team. Julian explained the ERASMUS program. AJPER also hope that this cooperation would bring good things for the future of the energy and the environment in Madagascar.

Then the 5 Germans and the 5 Malagasy left to Andalamengoke.

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