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New members at AJPER, learning how to make basic 2 and clay stoves

The principal mission of AJPER is to make and spread as many economic stoves as we can to save the forest in our regions and in Madagascar.

Only few students know how to make the stoves so we decided to teach them the technics of stove making.

Basic 2 learning

The followings videos and pictures show Betombo teaching how to make the basic 2 with soil, cement and sand.

The base of the stove (video 1)

The wall of the stove (video 2)

New members watching and get their hands dirty.

Each member will make one basic stove for him/hereslf .

Clay stoves

Last year, we have developed prototypes of clay stoves for charcoal inspired from the F2L stove keeping the primary and the secondary air flow system to burn the CO ( Carbon monoxide). It was heavy and need some improvements after the feed back from the users that bought the stoves from the market.

Young women (members) learning pottery

(to be continued)

Andre, AJPER

March 2nd, 2022

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