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AJPER Association meets the community

Last Saturday 28 May 2022, AJPER members went to Andrainjato Est, a small commune located in the East of Fianarantsoa, close to Mahasoabe. The objectives of the trip were to visit the trees we planted in February 2020 in Vohitrampanga and also to show to local community of the surrounding villages our firewood saving stove called "basic 2 " or " fatana AJPER".

Here are some pictures we took at the tree planting site:

We evaluated that 60% to 70% of our trees survived while 40% are already more than 2 m taller.

Then at noon, we got down to the village of Ampatora where we had lunch and did the demonstration of the basic 2. More than 50 women waited for us there to attend the meeting.

The attendees brought sand and soil needed for the manufacturing of the basic 2 and AJPER provided cement.

After the demonstration, we showed them how to cook with the basic 2 and finally distributed the 20 master units for experiementation at their households.

We hearby would like to thank all the partners that made everything possible.

Andre, June 2022

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